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What's Happening?

There will be a Rutherford Reunion in Owen Sound, on the celebrated Bruce Peninsula. All are welcome!! This is an opportunity for us to visit with family, meet distant relatives, and have fun. Let's knit our extended families together.

PLEASE REGISTER: at the bottom of each page is a link to the Registration Form. Please use it even if you've been in contact with us in some other manner; we need to know who's officially coming! Cheers.

Margaret Ebel
Margaret Ebel
Hanna's Board
Non-Reunion Family Info
If you want to share information which is NOT related to our Reunion, consider placing it on the Family pages I am setting up. See below. -Carey
I'd like each Rutherford direct descendent to provide me with less than 250 words (and 1-5 pictures) about their family unit (spouse & children): maybe your cross-country moves, your current home, recent births or deaths. And this Family Page will connect to a page for each member of that family. If you're suddenly a grandfather, then your daughter's page will have a link to her own Family Page, and on it will go. Just tell me and I'll connect the dots.
Updated July 7
Stay With Others R's
There is a large campground right in Owen Sound called Harrison Park. There's swimming and full service camp spots and if we're really organized several families could all be in the same area. There's a link to their site at the bottom VVVVVV
Samuel and Jessie Rutherford

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