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Rutherford Family Tree Data Needed

We are taking this opportunity to update a database of family tree information (names, births, marriages, etc.).

If your family is a descendant of one of the following people, then we would appreciate receiving some family tree data for your branch of the tree:

  • David Rutherford (1749-1824)
  • Adam Rutherford (1784-1873) and Jane Borthwick (1801-1873)
  • Alexander Rutherford (1822-)
  • Jane Rutherford (1823-1903) and George Wilson (1820-1907)
  • Isabella Rutherford (1826-)
  • Adam Rutherford (1828-)
  • David Rutherford (1831-1909) and Margaret McKnight (1833-1883)
  • Catherine Rutherford (1832-) and Donald Black
  • James Rutherford (1834-)
  • Harriet Rutherford (1838-)
  • Ann Jane Rutherford (1854-) and William Whiteside (1846-1900)
  • Adam Borthwick Rutherford (1856-1943) and Alice Bellmore (1863-1937)
  • James Calwell Rutherford (1858-1928) and Isabelle McCutcheon (1865-1926)
  • David Alexander Rutherford (1860-1941) and Katherine Gillies (1863-)
  • Isabella Sarah Rutherford (1861-1955) and James McKnight
  • Samuel Luther Rutherford (1863-1944) and Jessie Mason (1868-1952)
  • Georgena Robena Rutherford (1866-1952) and David Kipp (1864-1957)
  • Fermanah Patterson Rutherford (1868-1953) and Frances Elkerton (1871-1946)
  • John William Smith Rutherford (1870-1952) and Margaret Martin (1877-1950)
  • Robert Redfern Rutherford (1871-1904) and Christina
  • (or other related ancestors...if in doubt, just ask Doug)

Samuel and Jessie Rutherford and friends at their 50th Anniversary in 1937 We would be thankful for any family information you could provide. Please refer to the "Family Data FAQ" page for a list of some of the family data that would be helpful to receive. If you can only provide some of the info (e.g. just names and a few birthdates), then that's fine. Any information helps to grow the family tree database, a bit at a time.

1962 Rutherford Reunion in Wiarton Ontario Canada We already have over 1,100 Rutherford-related people in the database, so you might want to start by asking Doug for a list of the current info in the database for your branch of the family. Just send him an email to stating your name, your Rutherford-related father/mother and any grandparents or great-grandparents that you know of, so that Doug knows which area of the family tree you are from, and then ask for a list of the current information in your area of the tree.

Or just refer to the "Family Data FAQ" page and email the suggested information to Doug without asking for a list of any currently known info. It's up to you, but any additional data would be helpful.

Thank you!

Note: "FAQ" means "Frequently Asked Questions".

Please send any questions and family data to (Doug Braun)

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