Newsletter 3
Newsletter # 3 (2008 Rutherford Reunion)

[Distributed: August 6, 2008]

Hello Rutherford Clan!

Only THREE MORE DAYS until the "2008 Rutherford Reunion" on Saturday, August 9th at Harrison Park in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada!

We have a minor revision to the "WHEN YOU ARRIVE" instructions as follows:

There is no room to park beside the community centre when you register. Therefore, please park in the parking lot area first, then walk a short walk to the community centre to register. The community centre is the only stone building in the area.

There will be "Rutherford Reunion" signs periodically along the road within the park. A sign will show you where to park. Another sign will point the direction to walk from the parking lot to the stone building to register. Please register as soon as you arrive. Please arrive between 10:00 - 11:30am if possible.

There is currently construction taking place within Owen Sound very near to the entrance to Harrison Park. Therefore, depending upon what route you take through Owen Sound to get to the park, you will probably need to follow a detour to get to the park entrance. The park entrance gateway is located on 2nd Ave E near the bottom of a large hill. Please note that in Owen Sound there is a 2nd Ave E and a 2nd Ave W. They are two totally different streets.

Please remember to bring the food, drink, plates, cutlery, etc. for your family to consume for the noon hour meal. Optionally bring games that could be played. There is a public ball diamond nearby, so bringing ball gloves, balls, bats, would be a good idea. Maybe frisbees, maybe lawn chairs, etc. Perhaps bring an umbrella in case it rains (hopefully it won't be needed *grin*)

There is no planned supper meal, but if a number of families are still there around suppertime, and I'm sure there will be, then they could just collectively select a nearby take-out place or two and get some food themselves for supper. We have the community centre and the outdoor gazebo/pavilion rented for the whole day.

We have found a "tiered" location in the park (14 wide steps) for the taking of our large group photo, which will take place immediately after the meal. Please stay nearby after the meal so that we can go directly to the group photo before people disperse for conversation, hikes, games, etc.

We would really like ALL relatives to be in the group photo. When we look back at the 1962 Rutherford Reunion Group Photo, and other past reunion photos, the pictures are really interesting to pour over and to see who was there and who you recognize. Please, please, please: Everyone should be in the group photo.

If you haven't already emailed your family tree data to, please do so or bring it with you to the reunion. Doug will be in the community centre with a copy of the current family tree data for all 1,164 Rutherford related people that are currently in the database. It will be easy to review your family's existing data and to update it while you are there. Please bring your family's data with you, such as full names, birth dates, marriage dates and spouse's maiden names, for parents, all children, multiple marriages, etc. Doug will have a simple form that can be used to review or collect the data when you are there. You will probably want to write down some of the data and bring it with you. Refer to Newsletter 2 for more information regarding family tree data details and suggestions.

Please verify and/or provide your family tree data after registering, since the registration table and the family tree data table will both be in the community centre. There will also be a number of family history displays and the large wall chart in the community centre.

The Rutherford Reunion web site is at address:


Please let us know if you have any questions about the reunion by sending questions to

We are looking forward to see you at the reunion in a few days!

Thank you.

Doug on behalf of the planning team (Debbie Campbell, Kevin Rutherford, Pat Myers, Carey Rutherford, Doug Braun)

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